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Spot Truck Repair ServiceSpotter truck repair, service and reconditioning is a recent addition to Milling Technologies line of specialty services. This is a result of a local company closing and their lead mechanic with over 19 years experience coming to work with us. For the last two years, we have been providing field service to several customers throughout Central Florida and the Caribbean. As with our other specialty services, a single piece of equipment can severely hamper production and sometimes stop it all together. That’s why we always have support standing by 24/7 when you need it most. From minor repairs to major overhauls of a single unit or an entire fleet, Milling Technologies can meet your spot truck repair and service needs.

Due to recent EPA changes, Capacity and Ottawa 2011 and newer trucks are fitted with the new EPA compliant diesel exhaust systems. It’s a great idea to be friendly to the environment and protect it for future generations. However, if your equipment is hindering your daily operations, there may not be a tomorrow for your company to worry about.

There are two types of systems being utilized currently to meet the new stringent EPA requirements. Both are separate systems that utilize additional fuel injected into the exhaust system to burn off contaminants. While both systems are effective, they have several draw backs. These include new technology issues, problematic components, extremely limited technical support and operator understanding of the systems maintenance requirements. We have assisted several of our customers with these newer units trying to keep them running and prevent production delays. Some customers with multiple units are reporting mixed results. Some of their units have had limited problems while others are being legally handled under the lemon law due to severe repeated problems. With the investment of the new units, one would think that for a reasonable amount of time the new units would bring a reduced expenditure in maintenance cost. The experience has been quite the opposite, from almost the very beginning their maintenance cost has significantly risen and has continued to be higher than most older units. Not only has maintenance cost risen, their production schedules have suffered as well. This is primarily a result of the diesel exhaust fuel systems and their interface to the engines ECM.


The goals with these newer systems was to leave a smaller environmental impact, keeping production up and maintenance cost down. Today, this is ever so important as profit margins are down and expectations of doing more with less have never been higher. That is where Milling Technologies has the solution. While the best running mechanical engine is not as clean burning as a state of the art electronically controlled unit, most spotters do not run 12 hrs a day. Therefore, the ecological footprint left behind is minimal with a efficient older unit. Milling Technologies can re-power and refurbish your current unit giving not only a like new appearance but better than new reliability. We can prep, paint, rewire, re-hose and repair your older unit for less than half of a brand new unit with a similar warranty. The benefits are the simplicity of the wiring and power train. The proven reliability of these simple engines cannot be beat with the same fuel efficiency as any new unit off the assembly line.


The reality in spotter trucks is that "simple" is effective and reliable. These units are often worked hard for short periods of time and typically lacking in regular maintenance.


Is your old spot truck ready for rejuvenation? Call us and let us give you a quote to make what was once good great again. To keep you up and running we will even give you a loaner truck while we bring your unit back to life.




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