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Reach Forklift Repair ServiceSince the early 70’s, the reach all terrain forklift has continued to evolve. Today they are a staple of almost every construction jobsite. When the backbone of the job site breaks down, the job slows down. Getting that equipment back up and running is on the top of everyone’s list. Milling Technologies understands this priority and will always do everything possible to get you back to making money as fast as possible. When you’re down, we are here to support you, after hours, weekends, even holidays. We have personnel on call 24/7.


Whether it’s troubleshooting an electrical issue, resealing a cylinder or a complete boom overhaul, we have the facilities and capabilities to complete the job. We have torn down, repaired or rebuilt just about every brand of reach forklift made. JLG is the largest manufacturer of reach forklifts. Milling Technologies is an JLG Service Center authorized to conduct warranty repairs on JLG, LULL, SKYTRAK, and GRADALL reach forklifts.


Annual inspections are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. By having an annual inspection conducted, a possible injury or a major component failure could be prevented. Planning for an upcoming major repair is easier when you have time to forecast and plan for it instead of trying to react to an emergency situation. Making sure all the safeties are in place and working can be a game changer if an accident were to happen.


Our field service can assist in almost any repair however; some jobs are just better done in a shop. We can weld cracks, remove and reseal most any cylinder on a reach forklift. Most hoses can be made and replaced on site as well.


Routine service can be an equipment owner’s best line of defense against downtime. In today’s market, profit margin is minimal and looking at service intervals as a cost is the wrong way to look at it. Routine services is a proven way to reduce equipment failures. Worn pins and bushings, linkage, clogged filters are extremely cheap to prevent or delay. These simple repairs can become very costly when neglected and takes time to repair due to possible machining for a quality repair.


When you need parts being a JLG service center we buy parts direct from the OEM so there is no double markup on our parts. We also continually strive to increase our parts inventory, to improve our support response time to our customers.



If you are looking at purchasing a used forklift, beware of what your buying. The Internet makes it easy to find and purchase equipment. However, don’t make quick decisions based on limited information that can be easily manipulated. We can go to the unit and inspect it, take pictures and give a detailed written report. This way you have more information just a couple pictures and a sales pitch to make a decision with. We have conducted this service for customers as far away as Indonesia and several throughout the state.




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