Hydraulic Digger Repair Service 



Hydraulic Digger Repair ServiceThrough the years, Milling Technologies has repaired and serviced almost every type and size digger on the market. From a simple inspection to a complete rebuild, we have the facilities and capabilities to exceed expectations.



To the business owners or manager about to make a purchase of a used piece of equipment, don’t make a huge mistake and buy it blind. We provide consulting services. We will travel to the unit, inspect it and give you a written report along with pictures so that you have the knowledge to make an informed decision. We have traveled all over the nation conducting this service for customers as far away as Indonesia. We tell it like it is! We want you to be happy with all our services and work hard for a long relationship between our two companies.


Digger Derricks

Altec, Lift-All, Terex or a mini “backyard unit”- we service and repair them all. From annual inspections to complete rebuilds, we have the knowledge, experience and facilities needed for the job. Our annual inspections record the spline wear on your pumps and the current amount of wear on your rotation bearing. Does you current inspector tell you that? It’s important to not only be aware of safety issues but also of upcoming major repairs so you can plan for them.  Your goal is to make money and our goal is help you do that through superior service and customer satisfaction. We do our best to make sure anything we repair is repaired right the first time. From a simple hose replacement to a  complete disassembly or replacing the wear pads and re-sealing the cylinders, our technicians can handle it. We can even straighten bent pole claws or repair remote control systems.


Pressure Diggers

It doesn’t matter what brand you own if it won’t dig when you need it, it does you no good. That’s where Milling Technologies comes in. We can inspect your older units and let you know of upcoming repairs that you should plan for. We can make simple adjustments or repair major breaks.  We can reseal your cylinders, make a hose, test a pump or motor, repair cracks in a mast or frame and rebuild a final or right angle drive. If your Kelly bar hole is worn we can fix it and put it in the correct location so the auger bolt is not taking the abuse during digging operations. The only time that bolt should see stress is when you’re pulling your auger out of the hole.


It doesn’t matter when you need us, after hours, a weekend or holiday, when you’re down we are there to support you. Wanting to bring life back into your older unit to prevent those costly monthly payments of a new one, we can take care of it. We can go through and inspect major components, re-hose and re-wire your current unit even re-power if needed. We can put your unit in a like new condition at the fraction of the cost of a new one and even remount if needed. 



The new multi Kelly systems use a stack of drive tubes which slide inside each other to gain deep digging capability and are mounted on excavators.  They have taken the mobility and speed of an excavator, tapped into their powerful hydraulic systems to create a modern digging powerhouse without a tall mast sticking up. Like any other piece of equipment they have their pluses and minuses and, like every other piece of equipment, they will break or need general service. We teamed with NESCO Sales and Rentals early on in the Lo-Drills existence in support of their fleet and their customers’ fleet and have attended factory Lo-Drill training. From a simple Kelly winch cable replacement, adjusting a winch speed or dropping the Kelly assembly and repairing the drive head to motors, we can assist in your needs.




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