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Hydraulic Equipment Training and ConsultingIn today’s world of regulations, liability, and costly equipment repairs, having quality employees and equipment is not enough. Always putting the job first without proper training can be costly in terms of lost time and possibly loss of even more valuable employees. Today’s job sites are increasingly being monitored by local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. Most feel these agencies are there to harass but in reality is with high worker turnover, and fewer people being raised around equipment and thought the proper operating techniques. If OSHA, for example, walks on a job site and asks for equipment operator licenses, how much can you afford to pay in fines?


We have two factory authorized JLG trainers on staff providing quality training of your employees on safe equipment operation, which shortens job timelines and increases profitability. We can train either at our facility or yours and on a wide variety of makes and models of equipment including all Aerial Work Platforms (Boom, Scissor, and Vertical Mast Lifts) as well as all Tele-handlers. With over 30 years of experience in the rental, training, equipment and personnel management fields,  our trainers not only have the experience, but more importantly understand the many issues you are being frustrated by.


Milling Technologies is a factory authorized JLG Service Center authorized by JLG to conduct operator training classes. We follow their guidelines and we do not cut corners. If you’re operators expect a quick video and a notional operation evaluation consisting of moving a piece of equipment move forwards and backwards to pass, then they would be mistaken. Our class includes detailed instruction on current regulations, the correct operation, and outlines safe practices with your equipment followed by two tests (written and hands on test). If our instructors feel your operators might damage your equipment/jobsite, or more importantly put the safety of themselves or fellow workers in danger, then they will not be given an operator’s license.


The average class runs from 6-8 hrs and can be conducted any time of the week. Class size is limited to 20 personnel.


• Rules/Regulations/Standards: OSHA, ANSI, AEM, JLG, Local (Rules, Regs, Standards, Policy)
• Fall Protection and Personal Protection Equipment
• Stability – Stability Triangle – Capacity Charts
• Worksite Hazard Inspection – (MAD and ICE 100)
• Overview of Machines
• Proper Operation: Controls and Machine Functions
• Moving Machines
• Proper refueling procedures
• JLG 5-Step to Safe Operations



Milling Technologies realizes that if our customers succeed, then we succeed. We are here to assist our customers in being productive and profitable. The object of purchasing used equipment is to increase profits and speed up the job. However, a quick paint job can make the equipment look nice, but can hide problems that can cause the job to slow and add additional repair expenses.


Milling Technologies is a versatile and talented repair facility We also consult, purchase, and help arrange international shipping as far away as Indonesia. When it comes time for you to purchase a piece of equipment, let us help. We have traveled both nationally and internationally, inspecting all types of equipment, taking pictures and writing a detailed but brief pros and cons of equipment for our customers. We have even flown to ports to help get equipment on ships to make sailing dates.

If you want to sell some of your equipment, we can help in obtaining top dollar assessments by showing you common trouble areas to fix and provide estimates on what the equipment may bring in its current condition as well as advise on both appearance and maintenance improvements that will increase profits.




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