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Aerial Bucket Truck & Lift Repair ServiceMilling Technologies is a leader in the business of inspecting, servicing and repairing insulated aerial bucket and truck lifts.  From 28 foot non-insulated units to giant state of the art Brontos Sky Lifts, we service the majority of makes, models and sizes. No matter what region of Florida or the Caribbean you are in, we can service your aerial bucket lift needs each and every day of the year.  From simple leaks to major overhauls, we have the facility and know how to keep your unit safe and operational.

We have Terex Utilities factory trained personnel on staff with experience on practically the entire product line. In addition, we are an authorized service center for ETI brand aerial lifts. We also service Bronto, NorStar, Load-All, Telsta, Teco, Posi Plus, Condor, Versalift, Skylift and SDP aerial lifts. In fact, we can troubleshoot and repair almost any unit still in service today as long as it is structurally safe. We also stock non-conductive hose as well has hundreds of seals for cylinders and valves.

Our field capabilities are what sets us apart from the competition. Our service truck has an 8K auto crane, portable hose crimper, 400 amp welder, flow meters and pressure gauges allowing us to accomplish almost any task in the field. We have changed rotation bearings on Altec LRV55’s and Jaraff trimmer units in the field. We routinely replace hoses, and with our portable crimper our hoses are custom cut to fit with no troublesome extra long loops hanging about.  We also have certified welders on staff to repair cracks or updates that may need to be performed.

If your current unit or fleet is looking older than you like and don’t wish to buy a new unit due to the cost or problems with new diesel exhaust systems, we can refurbish your current unit to like new condition. You can get that new look and reliability for a fraction of the cost.

In addition, we service and support pullers and tensioners with the same capable service.

Our annual inspections are thorough and detailed. On most units we pull the pump to inspect the shaft for spline wear. Another item most inspection companies over look is the rotation bearing. All bearing manufacturers have wear limits for safe operation. Ask your current inspection company how they test the rotation bearing and how do they know that bearing is within specs? The rotation bearing is like any other ball bearing, the only thing holding the inner and outer race together are the balls inside. If the assembly wears enough it will separate and without warning the unit will fail no matter what. The proactive knowledge of bearing wear can help predict upcoming costly repairs.


Dielectric tests ensure the unit is safe from conducting electricity to the ground during work with live power. ANSI states that a dielectric test should be conducted annually or when any component of the unit that may affect the insulation of the unit is repaired or replaced. We have the ability to DC test units up to 100KV in our shop or in the field. If a unit fails to pass most companies stop working, bill you for their work to that point and tell you to call them for a retest when you think you have it fixed. When this occurs during one of our repairs we try to resolve the problem, which is commonly a simply cleaning of the insulator and waxing. We then retest, only charging you for the labor time it took to remedy the situation. If a problem persist we can assist in getting your unit safe again.


To facilitate convenience, while performing your dielectric and annual inspections we can also do your DOT inspection as well. And as always we are glad to conduct minor adjustments to ensure your unit is safe.


If you are in need of aerial bucket truck service, inspection or repair, have any questions about servicing these units or would like to schedule and appointment with one of our service technicians, please contact us.




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